Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Reading

Item #9 on our summer bucket list was to go to the library. The more I thought about it, the more I felt like we should make it a weekly thing to break the monotony of summer. So, I put Keenan and Will in the summer reading program. It's a four week program and this year the theme is Dig Into Reading. Of course, there's the normal reading log and goals, and prizes for whoever reads the most. And then the weekly program focuses on reading - a week about gardens, one about dinosaurs ancient Egypt and mummies, one about animals that live underground, and then one about caves. So, yesterday we went to the library for that... It was Paige's first visit to the library ever. I think she's going to be a book lover too, because she already has one particular book she loves, so I was excited to check out some new board books for her. Will and Keenan got their first library cards. Have I ever mentioned how much Will loves books and learning? He checked out THIRTEEN books, most of them from a non-fiction collection about animals. In typical boy fashion, he checked out one titled "Boobies" (it's about the Booby BIRD, people). Keenan checked out a few short books. He really hates reading, so I'm hoping this summer program and being able to read on his own time instead of having to read what and when the school wants him to will encourage him. I also got to introduce Jake to the world of Stephen King, and Savanna checked out seven books, even though she claims reading is boring and already has three at home that she has to read and write reports on before mid-August. All in all, I would consider it to be a pretty successful library trip!

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