Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crisp, New Blog

I've been trying to figure out how to summarize my crazy life for the first entry of a new blog.

And then I realized the only followers I'll have for the first entry, probably, are people who already know me. So trying to summarize the insanity of my life for people who already know all about it is relatively pointless. SO. Instead, I decided just to start with something I wanted to blog about. And I have to say, yesterday is a pretty good thing to blog about. It was a long, crazy, awesome day in these parts.

My only son? He turned NINE. I'm not quite sure who authorized such a thing, I sure didn't. When I gave birth to this kid, it was my understanding that he would always be my BABY. So how he has gone and turned into a stinky, rotten nine year old boy, I don't know. Somebody did something right with him though, he's a pretty awesome kid. He makes good grades, he rarely gets into trouble, he's selfless. He's just pretty damn awesome overall! He wanted breakfast for dinner for his birthday, and he wanted Mark to help me (aka, he wanted Mark's scrambled eggs). Mark had to do a tow truck run to Montgomery last night, and when he called on the way home, he told me we should mess with Will and tell him that he was just too tired to make eggs. And then he backtracked. "It probably wouldn't be any fun. He'd just be like, 'okay.'" And yall, it's TRUE. That is how my kid is! All the time! If he wants something, but it doesn't go his way, even if he's been told he can have it, there's no fit pitching. Maybe a little sadness, if it's something he was really looking forward to, there might be a few tears. But no fit, and he gets over it so fast. I don't know if he's just that selfless, or I've just done that good at not breaking promises to him that he knows if I have to break one, I really can't help it, or what. But, my kid is GREAT. I hope I can figure out what I did right with him, and do it with his baby sister too.

His baby sister... That was another part of his birthday present. His birthday fell at perfect timing. Just in time for us to do our 4D ultrasound, so when I realized that ages ago, I went ahead and scheduled the ultrasound on his birthday, so that he (and his cousins) could go with us. So, our day yesterday started out with me cranky because I had my 28 week glucose test and couldn't have any sugar until after the appointment. I headed out early and had my regular appointment (everything is looking great with baby girl, and I'll have my glucose test results soon - though I'm sure it's okay, as I'm healthier this pregnancy than with Will, and never developed Gestational Diabetes with him). Mark and the kids met me in the waiting room after the regular appointment, and then we had our ultrasound.

4D is unbelievably neat. I never got to have one with Will, and I'm so glad the kids got to experience it with us. When they pulled her up on the screen and then first switched it to 4D, I glanced over and they all just looked absolutely amazed. We got to look at her for 30 minutes. They marvelled at how flexible she is - she was sleepy, so when she got tired of feeling the ultrasound wand, she stuck an arm and a leg up between her face and my belly. She had her little toes pressed up against her eyebrow with her arm stuck between her leg and her cheek. She was stubborn, she would not get into a good position for the sonographer. She got a few good shots of her face though, and showed us that baby girl is still very definitely baby GIRL. We got to see her yawn some, and I think she stuck her thumb in her mouth for a few seconds, but then she moved to block her face again. One of my favorite views of her was when you could tell she had her little lips all puckered up. So sweet! We learned that she's measuring about 6 days ahead, at an estimated 2lbs 14oz (everything I'm reading says she should have been about 2lbs 4oz to 2lbs 8oz). But, that's not surprising to me - Will came on his own, nine days early and at 8lbs 14.5oz. I'm fully expecting lil sis to be big too, and have been the whole time. It looks like she's gonna get my long feet and long toes, lol. But, if we're looking at her measurements right, she's going to have long legs too, if she keeps up at this rate (her leg measurements are two weeks ahead of most everything else right now!). Those must be coming from her Aunt Jamie, not from Mommy or Daddy. lol. Here are my favorite shots of my little princess.

Arms up by her face, and lips all puckered up.

Here she has her foot up against her face with her toes bent back against her eyebrow, and has one arm shoved between her leg and her cheek, lol.

After the ultrasound, we went for pizza, and then Mark brought Jake and Keenan home while I took Will and Savanna to their check-ups. We finally got done with doctors at four in the afternoon. I was ready to just collapse, but Mark was on the tow truck headed to Montgomery, and I had cake and muffins to start on. So I spent all afternoon baking, and about the time I got done, Mark got home and we started dinner. After everyone ate, I frosted/decorated Will's cake and we did candles and presents. Mark and I got him a Kindle Fire, which he's been lusting after for almost a year now, so he was thrilled. He was even more excited when Mark showed him that Angry Birds was among the games and books I had already loaded onto it for him, lol.

Opening his Kindle - he wasn't sure whether to get excited, because Mark was teasing him that it was just a different gift in the box from the Kindle I bought him for Valentine's Day

There's the excitement! Mark showing him it already has Angry Birds on it

The cake - black forest cake with m&ms on it

Choosing a wish is VERY important business

Blowing out the candles

Playing Angry Birds while the cake was being cut

So, overall, yesterday was a pretty fantastic day. An awesome kid had a great birthday and was thrilled with his gift, and we got to see a healthy little baby girl growing like a weed and already brimming with personality. This is our crazy life... Not every day is like that, but every day does have its own brand of craziness.

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  1. What an exciting day! I'm grinning like an idiot reading this entry. You're an amazing woman and an even more amazing mama. I don't doubt that Paige is going to be just as great a kid as her big brother is.